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Can I leave a testimonails for products or services?
We are more than happy to host your positive reviews and testimonials for any product or service. However, that is not all you can do! You can also le... Continue reading »
Do I have to accept the Goodpickle Pledge to become a member?
click to enlarge The short answer is YES All members are required to accept the Goodpickle Pledge if they intend to use the website... Continue reading »
Do you host negative reviews?
Goodpickle is not a complaint aggregating website. If you do submit a negative testimonial or complaint, Goodpickle members can address your complaint... Continue reading »
How do I comment on a testimonial?
click to enlarge Step 1: Find a testimonial page on Goodpickle that you would like to comment on. Step 2: Scroll to the bottom ... Continue reading »
How do I communicate with another Goodpickle member?
click to enlarge Step 1: Find the member you wish to communicate with on Goodpickle. Step 2: Click the "Contact Me" tab on the ... Continue reading »
How do I get audio testimonials?
Diversifying your testimonials adds depth and validity to your testimonial page on Goodpickle. Being creative in how you collect testimonials... Continue reading »
How do I leave a signature with a testimonial?
click to enlarge Step 1: Find a business, person, charity, etc on Goodpickle. Step 2: Click the "Submit Testimonial" button on ... Continue reading »
How do I use Goodpickle?
To submit testimonials or positive reviews you can choose the business, person, charity, etc that is present on Goodpickle or you can be the first to ... Continue reading »
How I will benefit using Goodpickle?
Goodpickle is a marvelous place to find reputable businesses, services, products, charities and more that are recommended by other users. When you sub... Continue reading »
How long before I see my testimonials in Google, Yahoo, Bing and other search engines? will absolutely help your testimonials rise fast in search engines, however there is no guaranteed timeframe on when your testimonial... Continue reading »
How to look for most recent testimonials?
You will be able to find the latest positive reviews and testimonials through RSS feeds. Testimonials are submitted every day so you will always be ab... Continue reading »
Is Goodpickle accessible through social media networking websites?
Yes! We know the power and ease of use of social media platforms. We are available on Twitter as well as Facebook.... Continue reading »
Is there a limit to the number of testimonials and positive reviews that can be submitted for someone or something?
There is no dearth of space on Goodpickle! This means that you can submit an unlimited number of positive reviews and testimonials that will be hosted... Continue reading »
What is a good review?
A positive review is your stamp of approval! When you have had a remarkable experience, you can say what you want about the reviewed business, product... Continue reading »
What is the link to my Goodpickle profile/microsite?
click to enlarge There are two ways to get the URL for profile/micro site: The First: Step 1: Sign in to your Goodpickle ac... Continue reading »
Who can post testimonials?
Anyone can post testimonials. At Goodpickle, every positive opinion is valued. Once you type your positive review/testimonial, you can register throug... Continue reading »
Will the testimonial benefit the person, product, service, etc.?
There is no better compliment than a recommendation! At Goodpickle, you have a platform to thank and compliment a business, product, charity, service,... Continue reading »
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